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    I made some minor corrections in translation and condensed column headers. But table looks ugly both in Russian and Englisch.

    Attached zipped russian.lng file and screenshot of table at ‘View – Hydrostatics…’ report.

    Maybe changing page’s orientation from Portrait to Landscape (in report generator) will fix this problem? Does DS use fixed font for reports?

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    If you are experienced user of Russian localization, you may help me to make correct interface translation — at first Pro (as it released already), and then it may be used for Free.

    Sorry, “Dislucky”, I rarely use DelftShip Free. I do not like new DS interface at all. I like how it looked in DS 3.20, but not a new one. I will stick with FREE!ship instead (it has everything I need for modeling and “old-good” interface I like).

    New Russian localization for DSFree 4.38.129 seems to work now. Sorry, I cannot give any comments on the correctness of interface translation.

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    DS Free 3.20 vs 4.38.129

    I was told that on DS Free 4.38.129 it does not looks like Russian. System: Win XP Eng with multi-language support

    Image attached… If it goes trough….

    in reply to: Keel and rudder wizard – Strange Volume CoG #34760

    Volume does not match as well :huh:

    in reply to: Can’t get draft information in hydrostatics! #34655

    Check for leak-points in that area. FreeShip or DelftShip will stop calculating hydrostatics if find leak point below calculating waterline. Set small step for draft range.

    Or Try to change draft (small step at one time) in Project Settings and run hydrostatics report. See where it gives warning.

    Check all points on center-line. See if Y=0 there. If not, correct it.

    in reply to: Dimention’s grid does not start from zero anymore #34001

    DS v3.2

    1. Zero line in Z direction (baseline) stay 0 and only other lines are being recalculated if entire model moved in vertical direction.
    2. Zero X line (X-baseline) changes from 0 to an amount the model was moved in longitudinal direction.

    I was surprised, there is no way to correct intersections in “Intersection” window or delete only one intersection.

    Solution which works so far to bring X baseline to 0.

    – Select entire model (Select->Select All)
    – Move model that far-end point has X=-0.0001 (Transform->Move->Longitudinal axis->needed amount)

    At this point base X axis will start from negative point. Note: If only END point has X=0 you will not be able create X=0 intersection (need to have surface?)

    – View->Intersections->Stations->Delete All stations (trash can icon)
    – Add station (+1 icon), enter 0 in “New intersection” dialog, click green check mark. It will create 0 X-baseline.
    – Move model +0.0001 in X direction. Transform->Move->Longitudinal axis->0.0001

    Now model has 0 X-baseline and end point has X=0 coordinates.

    -Recreate as many stations as needed with needed distance between it.

    Kind of inconvenient, but works.

    in reply to: Dimention’s grid does not start from zero anymore #33997

    It looks like after moving entire model, Zero coordinate (in profile view) starts from intersection of centerline of the hull with DWL. So it is need to move model in opposite (X) direction the same amount as shown on first vertical grid-line.

    in reply to: Dimention’s grid does not start from zero anymore #33996

    Nope, that was too early to celebrate. I have another model which has X=0,Y=0 at end point, but grid was offset too. I had to move entire model to negative X, to get grid start from 0

    Any ideas why it happens?

    in reply to: Dimention’s grid does not start from zero anymore #33995

    It looks like I found the answer on my own question 😉

    The coordinates of end point should be X=0,Y=0. The grid starts from Zero again.

    in reply to: Cannot import VRML file #33956

    I forgot to put original DS file in zip archive. DS half box 10x5x3 feet – goes separately (used for DXF export). [file name=DS_Box_10x5x3_by_Marven_rescaled_2_feet.fbm size=404]http://www.delftship.net/delftship/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/DS_Box_10x5x3_by_Marven_rescaled_2_feet.fbm[/file]

    in reply to: Cannot import VRML file #33955

    Here are files of 10x5x3 feet half box exported from DS as DXF, converted to VRML, exported back to DS. Final half box size is 10x5x3 METERS. Model need rescaling to proper foot length and minor corrections (make some points “corner” points). Other than that no big problems.

    More problems created going trough more conversions. [file name=Box_10x5x3_DS_2_DFX_2_VRML_2_DS.zip size=26655]http://www.delftship.net/delftship/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/Box_10x5x3_DS_2_DFX_2_VRML_2_DS.zip[/file]

    in reply to: Delftship to Google SketchUp #33952

    All the faces were defined twice. I remove those double faces. In addition some faces used points which were at the same location in 3D space but also defined twice.


    How can I recognize double (defined, etc.) faces and double points in DS?

    I might created some double faces, just because DS did not give me any indication it were there
    after I create it. Double points might were created during import. So, how can I see in DS if
    points, faces or edges are doubled? Can I see it in DS screen or do I need to look in DS *.fbm

    Thanks for the file, now when I have correct DS model, I can export DS file and
    compare it with file for import and, hopefuly, find out what the difference is. I will report back
    about my progress/problems.

    in reply to: Delftship to Google SketchUp #33946

    I was able to make sides by creating faces and extruding edges, but I still cannot make bottom. File attached. I need some step-by-step tutorial ;)) [file name=SU_Box_10x5x3_inch_from_dae_2_VRML_feet_DS_1.fbm size=25008]http://www.delftship.net/delftship/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/SU_Box_10x5x3_inch_from_dae_2_VRML_feet_DS_1.fbm[/file]

    in reply to: Delftship to Google SketchUp #33945

    It looks like I figure out (or may be completely lost) what is going on with SU. I am using SU 7.1 (could be different for other versions).

    I need to find volume of symmetrical irregular shape vessel created in SU. So, the better way to do it is to go by displacement and use Delfship (DS) for this. So, I need to export model from SU and import it in DS.

    What I tried as experiment: Make model in DS, export it in DXF format, import it in SU, export it in COLLADA, covert to VRML, import it back to DS. I have got different results – needs more research.

    Problems/difficulties found:

    – DS can export model to DXF file as Metric(meters) and as Imperial(feet) units (no indication of units in the file).
    – SU imports DXF file in Imperial(feet) units.
    – SU exports model to COLLADA file in INCHES ??? (that why I got over sized model). YOU NEED TO RESCALE MODEL FROM FEET TO INCHES before exporting to COLLADA. For some reasons, SU 7.1 have problems to import created itself COLLADA file back to SU.
    – Need to convert COLLADA file to VRML 1.0
    – Export it to DS. DS will give you model in METERS.

    I made model in SU 10x5x3 FEET. Rescaled it to 10x5x3 inches. Exported it as COLLADA file. Converted to VRML 1.0 file. Imported it to DS. Now I have DS model as 10x5x3 METERS.

    Could somebody help me how to make this imported model compatible with DS? It just give me strange shape in 3D. File attached. [file name=SU_Box_10x5x3_inch_from_dae_2_VRML_2_DS.fbm size=25603]http://www.delftship.net/delftship/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/files/SU_Box_10x5x3_inch_from_dae_2_VRML_2_DS.fbm[/file]

    in reply to: Cannot import VRML file #33943

    Have you checked your project settings? It seems some are having issues if they import DXF (IIRC; see the Sketchup threads) when the project and the source app are one in metric and the other in imperial.

    Yeah. It is me who experimenting with all this export/import things between different 3D/2D software ;))

    It could be just SU 7.1 problem exporting into COLLADA file. Even if SU shows smaller (exported) model(Metric/Imperial), it still exports over-sized result.

    I converted DXF (exported from DS) to VRML and imported it back to DS – no problem. It disables some functions in DS, but workable.

    I would like to have DS Pro one day, but for now, DS Free is good enough for me to work with symmetrical models. I just need to make them from paper, that why I play with all this export/import staff.

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