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    I suggest to You: In DS at program settings – update and the program autoupdate the new prg from the internet.
    I have 5.26.228 / 32 bit. And You can open the file!

    But it is strange, isn’t it? Download page has version 5.24.223 with user manual v.3.3. And DS has no auto-update. You need to check manually. :whistle:

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    Hello, after experimenting with Delftship for 2 months i came up with this….
    Useless Design because to expensive to build but a fun way to learn drawing with this program.
    By the way, it’s entirely drawn using DS only.

    I got an error while opening your file : “This file was created with a later version of DelftShip! It can not be opened with this version.”

    Though I have v.5.24.223. (latest for to date). Strange.

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    Trying DELFTship. So far it looks really good, but the 3.3 manual from 2008 really seems to be out of sync with the product (states that ctrl-A selects all points, for example (?))

    I do not know DS well enough to really say, but it seems to me it could be missing lots of other things too.

    Is a V5 version being worked on ?

    Thanks !

    Hello all,

    I am a newbie and I also wonder if there is a newer version of User Manual. I have User Manual v.3.3. from 2008 which somehow came with DelftShip V.5.24.223.

    I would like to print the user manual. So, I need the latest. Is 3.3 the latest version?

    Thank you very much for your help.

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