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    Yep, I have Skype – nando.aidos
    Let us set up a time to talk then.

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    Hi Hendon,

    here is a small rowing boat I mentioned with plenty of opportunity for corrections and experimentation.
    The original drawing is a flat bottom boat but I modified it a bit.
    I hope this will get you venturing into DELFTship.
    Have a great weekend.

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    you are welcome. Regarding your idea of a phone call, where are you? I am in Lisbon, Portugal.
    In the meantime I had another thought.
    When you start entering points it is easy to lose them as they may go out of sight. If the keel of your “test model” is on the X axis, then use the front, back, side views, together with the zoom button that fits everything on the screen to keep track of your points. It is tempting to use the “perspective view” but it can create a confusing view of apparently randomly located points. Once you have all your points, rotate the image in perspective view and then start connecting faces. The comment about the clock/counterclockwise selection of points is important.
    If you think a basic model can help, I will be glad to send you my “test dinghy” model that you can start with.
    I was also rather frustrated when I started. I use Sketchup extensively and I had to do a mental shift to get the hang of DELFTship.

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    Hi I am new myself. I tried using some existing models but they are too developed… too many features… and I got confused.
    I then created a very simple hull, like an Optimist hull but with a bow, a transom (obviously) and two stations. Just two stations and three points per station… a half model only, of course.
    I entered the coordinates and there was some learning with the Add point feature.
    Then I added surfaces. Edges do not form without surfaces. And learned about corner points. Then I saved it. This came in handy when I made some serious mistakes and decided to go back to the original shape just to restart.
    Then I decided to split some edges to enhance the curvatures. Then split the grid… then remove the chine lines and round off the hull… gradually it all started to make sense.
    And on and on until I felt I could “risk” a more complex hull. At which point I developed the hull that is now my avatar.
    All along I used the manual AND the tutorial to get unstuck.
    I still do not know it all but I feel I can do a pretty good sleek hull out of points.
    I want now to try using lines drawings imported into DELFTship… that will be next.
    I hope this helps. It is a pretty nifty tool, but remember, it does not correct all your design flaws by itself. Use Gauss and the zebra tool to clean up the fairing. Turn the model around a lot and play with changes to the different points coordinates. Go back to wireframe and turn the model around and move some points and go back to Gauss… see what happened. Often it is a neighboring point that is causing the shading (curvature) you do not want to see.
    And you will get the hang of if. This tool looks more daunting than it really is.

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    Thanks. Didn’t try exporting and importing again… but now I am not going to insist.
    But I entered all the offsets by hand. A bit of a chore but it worked.
    Now I have a model to start playing with.
    Looks like a neat tool this DELFTship software.

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