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    Lancer -525

    I’m facing a similar difficulty with the design of a hull that has two skegs for the screw-shafts. I have absolutely no idea how to go about attempting to do this, and the functions in the programs don’t seem to address the exact things I need to be able to do.

    I’d be happy to post sections of my hull for someone to see what I’m talking about. I also have a set of plans I’m working to, if that would help.


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    Lancer -525

    Thanks, Jurgen…

    I think I’m going to try setting a crease on each station where I need a clean division, and see how that works.

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    Lancer -525

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, Bob…

    Although I wasn’t really asking for basic tutorial help. I’ve done three other hulls in Delftship going back to 2009 or so. I was really hoping for something more along the lines of troubleshooting. 😉 That was an interesting tutorial though. I did learn something from it.

    I finally ended up deleting the program, and reinstalling it, and everything is working fine now. I’m a quarter of the way through modeling the hull. Just a few hours of moving points around… :blink:

    BTW, it is a French armored cruiser from the late 19th Century… :whistle:

    Much appreciated!

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    Lancer -525

    Bob: Thanks for your reply, but I don’t understand hardly anything in it.

    You’re using a lot of jargon and technical terms, and that doesn’t mean a bloody thing to me. What is LBP? I don’t recall EVER having seen that in the program, anywhere. I have set the origin, but since the Waterline is the constant for what I am doing, I have to set that at the designed waterline, and that is my origin. I can set an origin, no problems, so thanks.

    Now, I do know what the LOA is, and that is one of the only dimensions I actually have to work with. The Beam dimension and Draught are the other two.

    If you’d read carefully, it doesn’t matter what I do when trying to scale the background image, because nothing happens. The image does not resize, and nothing I can do will change it. I’ve tried every solution for rescaling background images I could find on the forum, and nothing works.

    Also, and I don’t know why, but the file you attached is not recognized by any program I have. I even tried downloading it to open it with Delftship, and I could not open it even then. So, I don’t know what is in it.

    Now, assuming that what you’ve said works, now comes the problem of adding in the other 17 verticals to get the frames to match, and the remaining 24 longitudinals to get the hullform to appear correctly. I have never been able to figure out how to add in extra lines in a ship form.

    So, I guess I’m stumped on this one. I can’t figure out anything. Something somewhere is not working correctly.

    I am using v6.27.259 64bit.

    Thanks anyway.

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    Lancer -525


    I found the place to change the draft, and I thank you. Now, the waterline is in the right place.

    I had to save, exit, and restart the program to get the coordinate box back. I notice that when I zoom in to the most extreme closeup, it goes away. I’ll figure this out yet!

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    Lancer -525

    I’m having a really frustrating thing happen right now. I am attempting to put together some screen shots, but the little window that allows me to manually enter coordinates has disappeared! I needed it for reference, and I can’t find any way to get it back!

    And one other thing… Where is there a place that I can go in and change what the depth of the waterline is? I can’t seem to find a place to move that line. It is in the wrong place!


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    Lancer -525

    Hi, Mike!

    Thanks for the comment on my Avatar. Yes, it is an American Bald Eagle, and no they’re not extinct yet.

    I checked out that tutorial you mentioned, and it looked pretty good, excepting the issue that I think I’ve gone pretty far beyond what it started with. That is to say, I tried to fiddle with it on my own, and I think I’ve bolloxed it up pretty good. What I am really looking for is a way to “undo” what I’ve done so far, and still be able to get it back to the rounded stern that I need. I’m at work this morning, but when I get home, I’ll post a couple of screen shots of the bloody thing so you can see where I am with this. This is a really good program, and I have some definite ideas for future hulls, but this one is a different animal entirely. I’ll explain why in a future post.

    Thanks for the email, I’ll definitely take you up on your offer of assistance.



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