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      I think a neat idea would be the ability to create stations based on zones that divide the model into above a given waterline and along longitudinal groups.

      Let’s say I have a hull of a given length and in want to quickly establish frame spacing based on stations I enter. Say the zones are A-E. Zone B spacing might be x meters, Zone B might be 1.05x meters, Zone B might be 1.5X meters, and so on. But, let’s say that while that is good for frames below and above the waterline, it is desired to have intermediated frames between already established frames. If a view allowed mouse selection of fore/after frames in between which any new frames would go, it might be easier to do. On the other hand, a multiplier column (similar to the Layers density column) could indicate how the program should space out the frames.

      Now, if the program could also allow the vertical zoning to indicate cutting of intermediate stations nonot needed below the waterline, this could alleviate a lot of cutting in CAD.

      Moreover, it might be nice if DS had a check box asking the user whether or not to insert station mid-point planes or faux-stations so that it could speed up drawing skin faces at the midpoint of a bulkhead plate thickness in cases where the sideshell would be drawn only that far. I am assuming thickness deduction might be related to this.

      Also, if deck plating could be generated based on using sideshell and watertight bulkheads (instead of doing it via layers intersections) it might save weeks of time for regular CAD users who don’t have access to $10,000/per seat CAD applications.

      Just some ideas.

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      Martijn Braam

      Dear Otaku, Using the table of offsets import function different spacing distances can be defined (see illustration 6.6 from the manual). I’ve used Excel to build en fair the pionts for a 5,7metre sailboot [file name=Sailing_smack.doc size=206336][/file]

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      I cannot open the file. Says something about the server not responding.

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