Wrong displacement in the hydrostatics report (almost x2)

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      I have a basic inland barge that looks like a box – L=39m B=5.05m Draft=0,67m density=1 – so displacement should be close to 39×5.05×0.67=131.96 t (minus rounded volumes at front and back)

      But strangely I get 250.969 t in hydrostatics report !!!

      I guess I missed something big in the settings ? I checked but don’t see anything wrong…

      (Attachments with 3D barge model and hydrostatics report)

      Thanks a lot for your help !!!

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      I had an invisible layer containing a former hull with almost same position and size and surprisingly taken into account for the displacement in addition to visible hull !!! Disable it for hydrostatics is possible in Layers properties…

      Sorry for this and hope it will help a beginner like me !

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