Why is there no “Point Collapse” function anymore in DS 5?

DELFTship forum Feature requests Why is there no “Point Collapse” function anymore in DS 5?

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      Ralph Grothe


      I only recently migrated from DS 4.38 to DS 5.24 (both the Free Release).
      But I am beginning to regret this, especially since I cannot open any models stored in the newer release in my older release any more?
      The biggest pain (so far) for me is that I cannot select tasks from the menu by textual drop down menu any more but have to click icons representing the (supposedly) same functionality.
      So for instance I searched for hours in the new user interface where the “Point Collapse” function was hidden but couldn’t trace it.
      This is not the same as deleting a (useless) point, which will usually tear a hole in the surface.
      It sometimes occurs that on an edge after some removing of other (redundant) edges an isolated point is remnant which I almost always desire to remove too because it usually has a detrimental effect on the fairness of the spline patch in that area (it gives some kind of unwanted weight).
      But in DS 5 I don’t know how to do that any more which was available in the older DS 4 that I had been using so far.
      Maybe is there a key short cut that one can use to collapse a point.

      Apart from this I find being forced to click on “greyed” icons that appear as if they were out of order in the given context, but which isn’t true because e.g. I already had marked an edge or points, quite irritating.
      Could the reason for this confusing behavior possibly be owe to that I run DS under Linux in a WINE emulation?
      But I have never encountered this in DS 4 which I also had run only under Linux.
      Also DS 5 in this environment seems to me to be more sluggish and not as responsive as working in DS 4.

      And finally, switching between view windows has become much more of a nuisance, especially if I before have run a function from the Tools menu.
      This usually requires twice as many clicks and long mouse passages as before.
      Is there a key shortcut one could use instead clicking in the menu?

      Ralph Grothe

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