Why do points disappear when creating multi-faces?

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Why do points disappear when creating multi-faces?

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      Hi everybody!

      First of all, thank you very much for the free version which is very nice and useful for unprofessional who just want to have some fun!

      Well I just discovered Delftship few weeks ago and I am still learning how Delftship “thinks” every new session I start 😉

      Here it is something I really do not understand: Sometimes, while creating a new face, points just disappear and I cannot select them anymore! (which is quite sad since I need to adjust the shape oh my hull)

      Let me explain you what is happening:

      1) Vessel: Jack-Up barge for a student project,

      2) Area of troubles: Bow Thruster forward,

      3) So, I want to enclose my hull and I select the border points as follow:

      4) Once completed, I cannot select any point as if they all “disappeared”… but I would like to add edges and crease lines to get the right shape.

      Is anyone having a reason? I am sure I misunderstood something in Delft but I do not succeed to figure out what…

      5) Surprisingly, I tried to model the shape alone (excluding the other faces and points) and it is working…

      but once I want to complete the hull… Same problem! I cannot refine the mesh by adding edge, crease,…

      I am sorry for the numerous pictures but I thought people would understand much easily by doing so…

      Hope some of you will have time to guide me cause for sure I am doing something that DELFTSHIP doest not like 😉

      Thank you,

      Francois, Young Delftship addict.

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      I think you might have switched on the display of “leak points only” (you can find it in the display menu at the top). If so, then only points located on the boundary of a surface will be shown, like the ones on the edges of the holes you are closing. Once a face has been added the holes are gone, and therefore the points are no longer considered “leak”.

      If you have the “leak points only” option enabled in the display menu only the points which are considered leak will be drawn on screen, other points will be ignored during the drawing process.

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      I’m not sure if this is useful comment, but if you haven’t checked out the alighnment tools, try those. They’re useful to me when making sure that superstructure or topside structure is in line with deck edges. Panning and orbiting the model in different lighting at different angles can help you find overlooked or inadvertently caused “gaps” in surfaces/meshes. If you pick points in succession then the alignment will cause the first and last to dictate how those selected in between behave. Try it out on picking two outer points and then lastly clicking a middle and lining up the points. You can get some interesting and quite useful results.

      One very nifty time-saving feature of the points tool is that you can select a point as the basis for subsequently clicked points and tell the tool to move the points.

      As for using it on under-water edges, I’ll defer to Marven, except to add that if your edges are boundary (forward/aft/outboard in a given piece of mesh), you can move them inboard, outboard, upward or downward. And, if you add points to a line, you can manipulate those to cause lines to go where you need them. But, from looking at your images, you may have discovered that.

      Don’t overlook that you can use the cylinder and intersection tools to create ducts. If you need to concentrate (and simulated) simple masses, create a cylinder or a box and be sure to select in counterclockwise order any points bordering an “open” end on the box or cylinder. Then, use the Add Face tool to “seal” the open. Assign a material density and thickness.

      If you haven’t got the Pro Version, you may want to trial it. I’ve used Pro in 3.x and 4.38 for about a year and a half or longer and now I forgot what are the differences between the two besides some import/export layer options and a different modeling engine, IIRC. So, all i can say is that you might find it very worth it to try Pro out. If you are going into work after the student project, or if there is an academic license available (check with Marven), the Pro version would be the basis for any extensions you may need and you or your institution might end up buying. Free won’t handle the extensions.

      Have fun using DelftShip!

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      Hi Guys !

      Thank you very much for you quick answers.

      I checked yesterday night… You were all right! The “problem” came from my display with Leak Points ONLY ! :whistle:

      I feel ashamed not having thought about it before! Six nice screenshots for such a small matter…

      Conclusion: Always check your display!

      Thank you Otaku and Marven, really appreciated your answers!


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