Who can design ship hull (Menorquin 160) for me based on photos?

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Who can design ship hull (Menorquin 160) for me based on photos?

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      I want to build my ship in the rc-model and need plans. However, I have only a lot of photos an a manual of the ship.
      it is a Menorquin 160 with flybridge. The photos in the attachement are samples.
      who knows the software and can create the model for me?

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hy, there, I’m pleased someone is interested in this boat, it’s an icon, for me, of the mediterranean fishing workhorse.
      The same hull lines are widespread all around the south basin: think about the “Gozzo” of Liguria or fishing boats in southern Italy.
      It has gained a truly deserved ‘niche’ market position as a leisure boat, due to its round lines that allow the designer to accomodate large cabins, services and all round cruiser comforts, in a real sea keeping hull, most of the menorquin designed yachts ar of A or B – CE design category.
      Properly design it in DE is, I think, not so difficult, at least it will provide a good training task.
      The major concerns are in the aft kell, with its interaction with the planing stern: keep in mind that modern Menorquins are all of semi-planing hull design.
      Another difficult part is the implementation of the rear platform, that in some cases is structural with the hull and NOT, as in modern yachts a mere appendage.
      For plans and informations try to contact:

      It’s one of the traditional builders of this type of boat.
      May the Force be with you! Jurgen.

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      pietro bastiani

      ho disegnato dei laut e gozzi liguri, sono di lerici -golfo di la spezia. ciao pietro

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      Peter Edmonds

      Interesting project.

      You need a measure of DS fluency to happen.

      Get some vessel dimensions.

      Try for some orthogonal views, print, and photocopy enlarge/shrink to get a nominal scale on known dimensions (1:50 etc). You can now use a scale rule for guidance values.

      Start measuring, and shaping your hull model until it looks “adequately” close to your target shape, for your model’s application.

      Output lines plan, and’or whatever will help you move on from your DS model to whatever is next.

      Peter Edmonds
      Naval Architect
      Perth, Western Australia

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      Barracuda RC Boats


      Maybe we can help you on that.
      Check our FB and web page, we did many designs for various moddel builders.

      Send email to:


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      Barracuda RC Boats


      Maybe we can help you.
      Check out FB and web page.

      Send email to: barracudarcboats@gmail.com


      Some designs we did:




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