What type of “ton” is used in the Hydrostatic Report?

DELFTship forum Hydrostatics and stability What type of “ton” is used in the Hydrostatic Report?

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      Where do we set this in the preferences?

      “ton” (UK)[a] 2,240 lb (1,016.047 kg)
      “ton” (US) 2,000 lb (907.1847 kg)
      “metric ton” (mainly US) 1,000 kg (2,204.623 lb)

      Many Thanks.

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      iosif gross

      I didn’t find where to change between them, but the output of DELFTship is in tonnes, it means 1000kg
      According to Wiki:
      Tonne is approximately 2205 lb
      Long ton is 2240 lb
      Short ton is 2000 lb
      Have online and free downloadable converters


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      You could find the answer by yourself:
      Draw a cube (size 1 meter), set the water density to 1 Kg/liter, set the water level much above it and check for its displacement.

      Be careful, the default water density is not 1 Kg/liter in Delftship (they use salted water’s density).

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      iosif gross

      The displacement is calculated for salt water indeed as most boats will be used in the see, but you get a column of volume in m3 so is 1000kg per 1m3 of fresh water.


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