What new features will be in DS V5?

DELFTship forum Feature requests What new features will be in DS V5?

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      Hi Marven,

      WOW! Wat a surprise! I don’t think i even heard/read/knew v5 was coming.

      What new features will be in v5? What changes/enhancements to existing features will there be? What might be lost/deprecated? Will the Pro version have more hydros for more hull types?

      How much will it cost? Is it so new that it won’t have an upgrade price from 4.x, or will there be an u/g price?

      Will it still be possible to downgrade a saved file to an older format? Does the new version add to the file structure anything that will be lost if the file is saved backwards to, say, 4.2x, or to 3.2x if we need to do something in Freeship/Hydronship?

      Can you post the help file so we can preview what is coming and get mentally ready/excited?


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      I’m looking at the January 2012 issue of The Naval Architect (published by Rina.org).

      On page 44, it says:

      “DELFTship launches version 4.27

      The Netherlands-based DELFTship has launched the latest version of its hull form modeling programme.”

      The latest version of DELFTship sees the release of it (sic) latest feature, the calculation of hydrostatics in waves, along with improvements such as automatic update routine.


      More in the article.

      Why are they talking 4.27? That is an earlier number than is currently in the downloads section.

      Any word on what we can expect in 5.x? Is it just GUI cosmetics, or should I start saving up some cash to re-invest in DELFTship?

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      See this article for more information

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      adriano natalini

      Hi Marven, glad to see that you’re back on stage.
      Hope you can find some time to spare to give me some tips here:
      Topic: subdivision control net.
      I was thinking that modeling small details on board you’ve got to have on only a separate layer for the boat part you want work on, to be able to subdivide the control net and only on that spot!
      But it doesn’t look like that! Indeed joining back other layers, at least in my case, all other parts are effected by subdivided control net command as well!
      I checked yr post no. 639 (over two years ago) about this issue but frankly I do not know how to collapse all those extra control adges all around the boat by merging two connected faces into one?! as you’re mentioning there! :unsure:
      I would be extremely thankful for yr kind comments.

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