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      After sketching a hull, I checked the hydrostatics report and noticed that the weight and displacement are in “t”, for (metric) tons. My sketch, 17m long, .846m wide on waterline and .5 design draft, apparently has 386t displacement and 2731t total weight. The thickness and specific gravity are correctly entered in layers settings. The weight of the hull would be correct if in kilograms, not in tons. However the displaced volume of water is bizarre. For the above dimensions it should be below 5t – I admit I could not be bothered with precise calculation as it is just a sketch to help me familiarise myself with the program.

      As this is my first encountre with the software I will assume that I may have missed or wrongly entered material dimensions, but even so, the numbers are not right. I would be inclined to blame the user (me) but the user has some experience with naval design and knows what numbers should be expected for the hull at hand.

      So the question is, is this a bug, or indeed the user error? Hydrostatic report attached.


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      I can not see any obvious mistakes from your hydrostatics report.
      Could you send your model to support@delftship.net so we can have a look at it?


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      Apologies for late reply, the life in form of my 6 and 4 years-oldies took charge and then I forgot where my login details were, and the list goes on and on…

      The solution has worked fine, thank you Marven. I assumed that the measurements are in milimetres and never gave it a thought.


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