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      AvatarALBAN GORRIZ

      I just realized this hull.
      Hydrostatic calculations give no results for the properties of the volume.
      Why ?

      I use free version.

      thank you for your reply

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      AvatarFergus Grant

      Hi Mergoet,
      I think you will find the issue lies with the points on the centre line. The y value should be “0” otherwise you will have a leak and the hydrostatic calcs will not work.

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      Salud eoc’h, Mergoet, et bienvenu à bord!

      Providence is probably right, It can happen that the Y coordinate along the plane of symmetry may be very close to “0” but not exactly “0”, and this creates a leaking point and the volume is not considered as closed.
      It may happen, too, that the volume’s top is not closed (by a deck), or the topping is not well closed (Note: if your ship has no deck, or if there’s a hatchway, you must close it, even if it’s just with a transparent tarpaulin).

      When you’re in WIREFRAME display, there’s a button enabled to get an other kind of display: “LEAKING POINTS“. It highlights the breaches in your model.

      Ken ar c’hentañ!

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      AvatarALBAN GORRIZ

      Thank you. It’s ok now ! very good software.

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