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      Feature request for DS Pro, base version (not in an extension, please)

      Will it be easy to patch Delftship so that the the views remain in the left/right/clockwise order we set?

      For example, I may have Perspective in upper left, Plan in upper right, Elevation in lower right, and bodyplan in lower left. If I resize Delftship (maybe to peek at something behind it, or maybe because I slide the app over to another display) and then hit “Windows/Tile Windows”, Delftship randomly repositions views.

      This also has a mildly disruptive effect of not maintaining the shading selections applied previously to those views. Some that are wire may go gaussian, and shaded may turn to something else.


      Related request:

      Can you allow us to “pin” or “lock” the edge-side views to the app’s canvas boundaries? If you do, then when we maximize/resize Delftship, the 4 or 5 panes would simply (simply?) dynamically adjust their inboard corners. Alternatively, if we want to lock a view to, say, 60% of the available view space regardless of the min/max sizing, then it could be much less disorienting an experience.

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