Version 253 rejects modells created with 252?

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Version 253 rejects modells created with 252?

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      Niels Bruhn

      Good morning.
      Yesterday, I wanted to open hydrostatics (speed/drag) of a mirrored modell and got the error message:
      “access violation at adress 00817D91 in module Delfship….” :angry:
      On other non-mirrored modells the program still works properly.
      OK, thought to myself the installed program may be somewhat corrupted. I removed it from my PC, downloaded a new installation file (.. named with Version 252..) and reinstalled the program, which is surprisingly now 253. OK, doesn`t matter.
      But now, all modells I´ve opened with the version before I got an error message
      “This file was created with a later Version of Delftship and cannot be opened with this version” What the hell is that?
      Can somebody explain what went wrong or what can I do to get my modells in a save haven?
      best regards, Niels

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