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      The Smit Rotterdam in the DelftShip model repository includes stability information in the document ‘Hydrostatic rapport ontwerpconditie’, but I do not fully understand the numbers. The metacentric height is 7.11m, but this seems to be equal to the sum of KB (Drukkingspunt in hoogte) and BM ( the ratio of Traagheidsmoment in dwarsrichting and Totaal verplaatst volume) = KM and not GM. Then there is some info at the bottom of the sheet, listing the VCG of the hull at 4.589 m.

      My conclusion would be that most likely KM = 7.11 m and  KG is 4.589, which makes GM equal to 2.52 m.

      Can anyone confirm (or correct)  these numbers?

      Thanks in advance and best,



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      Hi Duncan,

      The value displayed in the hydrostatics report is indeed KM, not GM. So in order to get GM you would need to subtract the height of the center of gravity (VCG).

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