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      Hi everyone,

      Im realitivly new to delftship and Im hoping there’s an easy fix to my fairly simple problem. Im trying to model my hull after a curve of areas plot that I created in excel and in this sheet I used square feet as my crossectional areas. But in delftship, it shows where my sections are in feet but shows the areas in square meters. I’ve been trying to work this out and can’t seem to find the preference setting that changes this. Im also wondering if there is a way to see my curve of areas update in real-time while modeling the hull.

      Hope there’s an answer to this,


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      Hi Yogordo145,


      Welcome to our Forum.

      In short, if you go to Project settings (on the Home tab) and select the ‘Coordinatwe system’ tab you will see the ‘Edit project units’ button. This opens a dialog where you can set all units per functional area- look for the Hydrostatics header in the table.

      Secondly, still in the Project settings window, go to the Hydrostatics tab. On the right side you will see a ‘Display hydrostatic features’ panel, where you can enable ‘Curve of sectional areas’ to be displayed in ‘real time’

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      Thank You! Should be all good now.


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      Hi again,

      Quick question about the section area in the hydrodynamics report. Does it represent the total crossectional area of the hull at the various stations or the waterline section area?

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