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      I am a novice in using Delftship software what makes my remarks maybe a little bit clumsy. And: I am neither a shipbuilding engineer nor a sail yacht designer (my profession is rather far from this), I am using Delftship for scale yacht construction, and so I surely belong to a small minority among the professional users here (although Delftship is rather prominent in RC model fan’s magazines). But maybe my position ›from outside‹ can also be useful for preparing Delftship’s V6 version 🙂

      I partly agree with kvsgkvng’s remarks as far he touches the usability of Delftship. Some suggestions:

      • I wish the buttons would indicate their status when I switch from, say, from »(Show) Control Curves« to »(Hide) Control Curves« (by the way of three statuses – normal (off), mouse over (which is working well) and pressed (activated, on).

      • It’s not a good argument to point at the fact that you would see the result of pressing a button in the currently open windows, for two reasons: In many cases you cannot decide which buttons are on/off at a glance over your windows. Second: We all are used to specific behavior of software products (»look and feel«), what makes the learning of new software easier and the working process faster.

      • Not everything the big players introduced in software engineering was a good idea, and I would say MS Windows ribbon belongs to that category. If there are no convincing reasons for implementing it (for example a really huge amount of menus and sub menus) we are maybe better off with the more traditional view. Many users will only be happy with a ribbon based solution if usability in general improves.

      • I know that programming such specialized tools like Delftship must concentrate on the important (mathematical, technical) aspects of the software working in the background. But for a professional version I expect additional attention on usability.

      • A more technical problem, a problem of calculation and precision: Of course the vast majority of you is calculating in dimensions of tons and meters, and three to four digits after the comma are okay for them. Model ship builders, but also yacht designers (as in the case of the »smaller« international regatta classes), think and construct in a different world of smaller dimensions. A possible selection which allows us to change the calculation basis from tons to kilograms and from meters to centimeters of course is more complicated than one would expect. But since I don’t know anything about the programming background of Delftship I cannot estimate the workload of such a new extension in the program (or is it only a simple modification of some precision parameters?)…

      While writing this (and working with Delftship in between) I have (maybe) detected a little male function in the program: The F9 button does not, as expected, reduce the surface plot (F10 button increases it correctly), but begins to produce a hydrostatic report instead – or did I make a mistake…?

      I do hope my remarks are helpful because I want Delftship with all the wonderful things perfectly working to keep it’s position as a very useful tool (not only for model ship builders)… Thank you for your attention.

      My best regards,

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      Guy Capra

      +1 with PixelBaer about the precision of the calculations : it could be cool if we can work for small sail&oars, kayaks, and also SUP, surf, small new boards and small pleasure boats, etc.

      Plus an import-export feature for *.brd files (BoardCAD and AKUShaper surfboard CNC softwares) !

      Best Regards,

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