Unregular grid messing up control lines.

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Unregular grid messing up control lines.

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      Eirik Skåla

      I’m a new user of Delftship free. My first project is modelling the San Francisco Bay “gentleman’s pulling boat”, Thor, from the lines plan found in WB May-June 2011 edition.


      After some hours I start to understand the principles, but there is (at least) one thing I’m not able to figure out. When modelling the sheer-line, I can’t avoid using an irregular grid with triangular faces. These will mess up the control mesh and the control lines for the stations (purple):



      Making the model with a flat sheer, avoiding the triangular faces, the control mesh and -lines are OK:



      Any advice on how to solve this is much appreciated!

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      Eirik Skåla

      I figured it out: By letting the points following the strakes instead of the water lines, I avoid the unregular grid.

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