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      Hi, I created a generic hull and then reversed the Z axis, deleted the existing stations/buttocks/etc and recreated stations and waterlines. I did this because i do not model with the bow to the right. It just feels unnatural to me and conflicts with transferring my paper drawings to digital.

      However, this model is a tumblehome, inboard-raking bow (reverse rake). Is this the problem? If so, how can stations and waterlines be created but not buttocks? Should i uninstall and reinstall, or is it a combination of the model and that i reversed by 180 the z axis?

      Somewhere along the way, i realized i am unable to add buttocks. I can type in that i want to begin at 0 and end at 10 or 12 or 15, but nothing appears in the list of buttocks. It is blank, never flickering as if anything happened.

      If i use another model, even bow to the left, things are fine. I only have maybe 15 leaks, all it seems near the top of the model along the edges, which doesnt’ surprise me.

      Thanks much!

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      It is interesting. Can you attach the file with your project, I am curious to see what is the problem.

      Kind regards, Hrvoje

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      The most likely cause is that your hull is modeled on the negative side of the Y-axis. Buttocks are only added for values>=0

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      BINGO! Thanks, Marven.

      That was a nagging/gnawing thought in my mind but i too quickly dismissed it. I dismissed it because i presumed my previous model that works was made the same general way.

      So, rotating a bow-right model 180 deg to bow left imposed a reversal of the sign? Or, did i do this? I did notice that i had to use the negative sign to get my bow points/curves moving in the direction i expected. But i should have dug deeper.

      Off the top of my mind i’m thinking the solution is to shift my model to zero in an appropriate direction and still preserve my preference for bow-to-left of screen. I will try in a few hours…

      Thanks for the tip, Marven!


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