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      Ada Hovind


      I am trying to make a twin skeg hull, and I am struggling a bit with the making of the stern. Do any of you have good ideas on how to make the skeg? I manage to do it one a single skeg hull, when it is placed at the centreline, but find it hard to figure out how to make it when it is placed further out on the beam.

      Ada 🙂

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      giorgio zuppin

      Dear Student here is an example not so “technical” or “professionally accurate”, but I hope it will suit.
      It’s all about the basics: surface modelling.
      Figure out the mesh ( you can do it literally with “mesh” button ) of your model, then with a virtual couple of fingers pinch it out to extrude the new desired form; then freeze it conveniently stitching here and there ( i.e. split button )




      When a basic form is obtained you can do the proper job: normalize the mesh tensions, adjust measures and parts etc.etc.
      As you can see it’s all about the grid: positioning, partitions, points and edges movements and collapse.
      Hope it will help you.Jurgen.

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