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      Bernhard Bieringer

      Hi all,

      can anyone give me a clue how to create twin (or even multiple, e.g. for inland push boats) rudders – I have already tried the “move” and “mirror” functions of the “transform”-menu, but got only a massive block below the stern.

      Is there a possibility to mark parts as a whole (e.g. for performing a “move” operation)? I only managed moving a part by activating all lines (which leads to funny results if you miss one…).

      Thanks and best regards,

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      Rob Hewitt

      Have you tried hiding all layers bar the rudder and saving it as a part ? you can then insert the part and move it anywhere you want on the model. It will probably insert its self in the same place as you created it from so it would be a good idea to hide the layer of the origional rudder so that you can move the inserted part to its correct position
      Kind regards

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      Bernhard Bieringer

      Hi Rob,

      I had it already tried directly via the keel and rudder wizard as well as by inserting a part – however, your suggestions got me thinking again and finally I managed it this way:

      – hide all other layers (very helpful as you can then use the “select all” function)
      – insert a rudder (either directly or as a part, doesn’t matter)
      – de-select the check box “symmetrical” in the layer of the rudder
      – “mirror” the half rudder still in the center position to get a whole one
      – “move” the rudder to the desired position on port side
      – repeat procedure for starboard

      This may be a bit complicated, but it works – any shortcuts or more elegant solutions welcome!

      Best regards,

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      Jesus Cruz

      You donĀ“t have to repeat the procedure, just mirror the whole rudder after you move it to the right position in the port side.

      This should skip you some steps.


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      Steven Lewis

      Thanks to both of you…I just did a twin keel/twin rudder config and was wondering how to get rid of the split foil and leaks.

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