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      John R. Coil

      Ummmm … never mind. Just today I realized what I’d done wrong. I’d added CPs to the keel but not deleted the bit poking a hole through the hull.

      … anyone want to let me park their yacht? 😉


      I’ve been playing around with DelftShip (free version) to design my dream yacht … if I ever had the swag that is. Presently my “San Jacinto 88” is pretty spiffy and fair from presently featureless deck to keel, and before I put the twin keels on it there were no real problems with design hydrostatics or resistance Winters Series * despite running with Wine on a Mac.

      * Delft Series tends to produce some funky results though.

      Now that I’ve put on the keels it’s a completely different story (doesn’t even give a displacement … though the hull weight based on layer data does work). Lots of leak points (66 total) and I guess that’s why.

      Presently the keels are modeled in a single piece on the positive transverse side.

      They were based on a 0015 and 0010 cross-section keels where these were moved in opposite directions (Y, rotate 15 degrees about X, and slight 0.5 degree toe-in about Z) which were also scaled transverse to 40% to give the finished result the thickness of an 0010 but with an asymmetrical profile. Then I took the control points from the half in the negative transverse side and typed them into a new face added to the it’s mate … which gave me the current keel once I deleted the now redundant half.

      So, here’s the problem: Edit > Point > Intersect Layers doesn’t fix the issue and the points generated don’t coincide with the control points/lines on the keel anyway (they just get close) … which isn’t surprising because it doesn’t say it’s a Boolean add feature to actually join the parts.

      Any relatively easy way to fix this problem? Is it a problem with a changed midships location (though it shouldn’t have changed that much) or the leak points I suspect? Something else?

      Also, any suggestions for adding fillets to a keel/hull junction?

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