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      Owen Kenny

      I’ve been playing with Delftship for a couple of weeks and really enjoying it.
      The more I do the more I learn. BUT
      I have no background in CAD and am having lots of issues.
      On the forum I keep seeing references to tutorials.
      I have found some on you tube but none on the Delftship site.
      I have downloaded the manual for the version of Delftship that I have but it doesn’t give a lot of instructions.
      It seems to assume that you know how to use the program.
      Is there a basic beginners tutorial that I can access?
      If there is ,how do I access it?
      I am planning on making a plywood and fibreglass windsurfer.
      Hopefully Delftship is accurate enough to allow me to build from it.
      Many thanks for any help

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      Hi Owen!

      You have first to understand that for designing a ship you need to master two things:
      – the marine theorics, this allows to know WHAT you must get, including if you’re working with paper and pencils;
      – the software use (DelftShip for example), that allows you to know HOW to get what you wish, including if it’s not a ship.

      Concerning the second point (it sounds that’s your problem), the Delftship team wrote a manual you can download from this very website, besides the software.

      If it wasn’t enought for you, I propose you a NON-OFFICIAL manual I began writing (but never completed) with my broken english, a more practical one.

      NOTE: This other manual is based upon an old version of Delftship. The interface and buttons may have changed, but I imagine the operations didn’t. You’ll just have to hover the cursor upon the buttons to find the right one.

      I hope this will help you.

      Note to the DelftShip Team: Feel free to use, to correct, to modify, adjust and to offer this manual to download. Just mention it will be based upon my idea. B)

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        I was reading through the forum for information on tutorials and I’m pleased to have found yours with a tutorial doc file attached. I downloaded it and was very impressed with what you had started which answered one of my questions on how to rotate something accurately (transom).

        I was wondering if you had made any further progress on completion of your tutorial that you could share. I also think that it would be great if you could do a YouTube video on some of your technics. I’d love to see them.

        Thanks in advance!


        AKA Mike

        Missouri USA

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      John Owles

      Hello Icare,
      I have just downloaded your DS manual and have had time to take a quick look around. I have already found some gems in there that I hadn’t considered.

      Thank you for your efforts, I am looking forward to have a good read through.

      Great job.


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      Owen Kenny

      Hi Icare ,
      Thanks for that .
      I’ll work through the exercise in your document. It looks like there are some helpful hints.
      I’m gradually getting the shapes I want but as you say I am in a rush and I’m not using the best techniques I’m sure.
      I’m hoping to start construction in a month so I have some time to get the design right.
      Many thanks

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      I assume I already wrote it, but I say it again: Be sure you really know the software use before begining your “great work”.
      I think it’s better to learn by playing with Delftship first, letting your imagination wander, like I did by drawn my avatar (a flying boat).
      Then, when you’ll begin really working on you real project, you’ll already know all the “how-to” of this great tool.

      What a pity to get disheartened due to too much haste! :pinch:

      Believe it or not: I’m still learning new features :woohoo: … and still not using other ones! :whistle:

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      Owen Kenny

      Hi Icare,
      Very good advice.
      But it takes a lot to dishearten me.
      I’m very persistent.
      Many thanks

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