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      AvatarØivind Frey Husø

      I am trying to build in a bow thruster by using “add a cylinder”. Is that Possible?How do I do it?
      Best regards

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      For a classical bow thruster:
      Add a cylinder around the screw, shorter than the hull width at this location.
      Punch a hole in the hull a the screw location (so put your screw in front of a hull’s polygone 😉 ).
      Connect the hole’s and the cylinder’s edges by adding little surfaces.
      Check for the leaks to put the polygones outter side out and make sure there no leak point.

      For a ducted pod:
      Add around the screw a cylinder (or better a cone, with a larger diameter on the frontside), then add an other cylinder larger around the first one. They will be the inner and the outter surfaces of the tunnel.
      Then connect the edges of the cones by adding a ring made of little surfaces.
      Move the back edge of the inner cone backward and make it a sharp crease meanwhile the fore edge will remain rounded.
      Check for the leaks to put the polygones outter side out and make sure there no leak point.

      Broadly, that’s the way I did on the model I’m working on: an orientable pod in the bow and a waterjet on the stern. I ain’t sure this is really efficient, but, well, I never planed to build this ship…
      Don’t complain for the missing portholes, I’m still working on them. What a daunting task! :S But Delftship wasn’t made for this. :whistle:

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      So, Frey, did you understand the way to do th thing?

      Anyway, I’m back with a collection of screenshots to make it easier to understand.

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      I wished to add a PART file for a screw I drew, but, alas, the file format cannot be uploaded. :whistle:

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      Hi Frey!

      I didn’t forget you. If you need a screw, I posted I finally one here. 😉

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