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      Paul Bury

      Hi I am just trying to export a trimaran model from delftship to michlet without success. It creates geometry that misses the outer hulls entirely. Does anyone know if it is possible to export this geometry to michlet and, if so, how?

      Cheers Paul

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      Hi Paul,
      I am a beginner and I would like to know how to design a multihull with DS starting from the generic hull guven by the soft when starting.
      can you help?

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      Paul Bury

      Hi Eric
      I would suggest the best way to learn about multihulls in DS is to download some sample designs from the model area of this site. There is nothing special about doing multihulls vs monos in DS and some examples will show you how to get started.

      Hope this helps


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      Hi Paul,

      It’s pssible from DS to export to a multihul (catamaran). However I’m not sure how Michlet handles vessels with more than 2 hulls.

      Perhaps you can export the middele hull as monohull and the outer hulls as catamaran.
      The the critical step is to import one of the files into the other one as a second vessel using copy/paste and adjust the file accordingly.
      After all a trimaran can be seen as three vessels travelling in the same direction with the same speed.

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      Leo Lazauskas

      Michlet can handle vessels with up to 5 different shaped hulls.

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      Paul Bury

      Hi Marven and Leo

      I have exported catamarans from DS to Michlet with no problem but it seems the connecting surfaces between the central hull and the outer hulls on a trimaran causes DS some problems on the export. I think the best solution is to, as you say Marven, export 2 separate hull forms and stitch them together in the Michlet input file.

      I will give this a try.


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