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      I am wondering how to find the total weight of my design. I have completed a model and am looking for the total weight. Correct me if I am wrong, but is this the way?
      1. Open layer dialog
      2. Enter density in ton/m^3
      3. Enter thickness in mm
      4. read weight?
      It just seems that it is giving a disproportionate weight. I entered a thickness of 12mm and a density of 0.88 and it is giving me 69 tons of weight. I am pretty sure the boat should be around 90 Kg at most.

      Could anyone please help me?

      Edit: A second part to this question is, what are the units in the layer dialog? I can enter density, thickness and it gives me a weight. What are the units of these?

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      Hi Nicolas!

      As you supposed it, I’m affraid you used the wrong measurement unit.

      When you start a new project you have to choose a measurement system, either ‘foot‘ either ‘meter‘… and you probably used the imperial system (‘foot’ and ‘pound’).

      Using a new (temporary) layer, draw a one unit square, set its thickness to one unit, too, and its density to 1.00. If you’re really using the metric system, the weight of this test part should be 1,000 (Kg).

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