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      Hi all,
      I close by mistake one of the toolbars (i don’t know its name but it contains icons of grid net, both side, ect…). How can I restore it??? I use delftship pro 4.48.171. I read in the forum that following: view->toolbars I should be able to show up again the missing toolbar….but I dont have such as option in it!!!! Can anyone help me? thanks…

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      Try the following:

      1. Start delftship
      2. Choose “Open backup location” from the file menu
      3. A windows explorer window will be opened by delftship. Now close delftship
      4. In the folder you will se a list with various Delftship files. These are backups of the last projects you have been working on. There will also be a file named “delftship.bdt” This file contains your preferences, including the toolbar positions. Delete (or rename if you want to play it safe) this file
      5. Finally restart delftship, your toolbars should now be restored.

      This is a temp. fix. Delftship v5 no longer has the toolbars.

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      Thank you Marven,
      Problem solved!!!! :laugh:

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