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      Hey I would like to model a Titanic hull but, I just don’t know where to start. I’ve tried the hull modeling tutorial but I just don’t understand it. Anyone knows how to start?

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      Obtain a hull plan/bodyplan/etc.

      Open — and save as save as a new name — one of the tanker hull models that is close to the Titanic’s size (dims, not displaceemnt necessarily) and play with moving the nodes/points around (up/down, fore/aft, and athwartship).

      Occasionally, look at the various modes and at the reports and learn to by eye gauge what your actions do to the digital model and how the reports indicate a more efficient and a less efficient hull. Add or remove sideshell so that it begins to resemble the hull. For the superstructure, you’ll need to interactively use the manual and the software.

      At some point, reverse engineer the model akin to “looking under the hood”.

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      Ok, thanks a lot I’ll try it 😉

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      Try this link Titanic, or this one Titanic_2, or Hull form

      Kind regards, Hrvoje

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