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      This is a concept yacht . Drawing according to the pictures.Stern is always not perfect, don’t know how to do it can be very similar.
      And how to draw the cab frame?
      Hope you can help me!
      thank you!






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      very amazing work!

      which software did you used for 3D modeling and rendering ?

      I tried your file, but it is invalid

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      you can try it.

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      Andrew Neudakhin

      Err… You trying to use DS for artistic works and 3D design? I would recommend to make model in Rhinoceros, 3DS, SolidWorks or (at last) at SketchUp, not in DS.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Dear Mr. dislucky, don’t be so drastic, if you are a perseverant ( and not a time bogging ) chap,
      you Can take some artistry out of DS:

      Of course nothing to paragon to a sleek rendering for business purpose… next to looney tunes, maybe?
      The matter, of course is about a the correct relationship with the others…
      Or in straight, to be honest.

      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Andrew Neudakhin

      Yep! But it takes SO MUCH time to make, say, windscreen frame! It’s a kind of sport — to make everything in DS =) And while our topic-starter will try to make model using Delftship only, his Aston Martin hopelessly out of date… and became real vintage motorboat… =)
      DS is necessary and useful as an engineering tool, not as an art. But I also want to brag, I also hammered nails with a microscope! =)

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      Andrew Neudakhin

      As about windscreen frame and interior details — you’d better draw it in Autocad and import as DXF in separate DS file. Then select again and save as Part. Then paste the part in your model on separate layer.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hy Comrade Dislucky, ( Ooops… don’t blame on me for pre ’89 adress, I’m just an old fan of all that…)
      Anyway I agree totally with your statement, ‘was just pointin’ out people like me, er. with some time to waste, could amuse themselves in rendering with a tool not suited of…
      Talkin’ seriously, I’ve recently trip on some news about icebreakers: I.E. hystory, developement And new hullforms >> sidehull icebreaker for ex.
      Having noticed you’r from Russia, I’ll wonder if, due to your country’s prominent interst in it, could give us some bit of info…
      Thank you, Jurgen.

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      Andrew Neudakhin

      Dear Tovarisch Jurgen! No pasaran! =)
      Everything is OK, I never nurse a grievance on comrads =)

      And even more! The thing is, I’m living in Togliatti — town bear the name of Italian communist leader, you must be remember Palmiro… And we still make here Lada-cars, based on famous FIAT. So, a lot of tight links,

      But — there’s always but — I am just automobile engineer, profy on internal combustion engines, not professional ship-builder. And I can try to find any info in Russian nets about ice-breakers, if you explain what exactly I have to search there. OK? If you prefer, you may address directly to my e-mail, or — until we were kicked out, stay here…

      BTW, in childhood my family used to live in Murmansk, and I have seen the atomic ice-breaker LENIN in Kolsky bay! 😛

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      Andrew Neudakhin

      As I said above, this is absolutely new theme for me. Below there are some pics of Russian atomic IB project — sorry if everybody have seen them already. And link to couple of promo-cartoons (in Russian):
      and, you may get some ideas about hull.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Murmansk…mmmhh: they say you can recognize a sailor from ROSATOMFLOT as he glows in the dark…

      Nice pics, thanks. The Very new design I was concerned about was a joint Russo-Finn type of a Side hull ice-breaker:
      it is infact a ship that, due to the adoption of thrust pods – AZIPODS – they call it, can proceed in a front line with the hull 45 degrees to starboard, this is to increase the width of the ice-breaked channel- up to 40 + meters instead of the actual 20+ m.
      Thus has produced an asimmetrical design of the hull, with the side at a minimal upword angle, And with a bulky extension.
      I know now that’s not your field, but anyway it’s a hawkward challenge from an engineer point of wiew.
      To come more informations.

      You are Still building Ladas???

      Bye, Jurgen.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Just an add-on to thank you for the videos: it was the first glimpse I’ve had of the arrangement of bow thrusters in an ice breaking hull.
      It is a preminent request having bow thrusters ’cause in most cases ice movements acts within liquid-flow laws.
      the propeller motion eases the ice aroud the hull.
      But.. it is not easy to assure a proper shielding from occasionals impacts.
      Nice the project 22220, wonder about reactor details…

      Thanks again, Jurgen.

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      giorgio zuppin

      Tovarischij in Tovarischice, Gotcha!
      Found that strange floating item, it seems as bad as a badass honeybadger, only weirdest:

      They quote as a Finno project, but it must be some Russian connesction: opening 50+ m. channels in ice would be an enormous aid for aframax VLCC or LNG carriers on North-East arctic.

      In the same site ( a true gold mine for aficionados ) I foud these Verry nice bits of Arctic Porn:

      Epic! Now waiting for some of you lazy week-end would-be designers take inspiration.

      By_the_way, hope not having offended somebody with comments on Lada’s… In my jurassic youth age I’ve owned a Fiat 124,
      And I haven’t destroyed it, even tryn’ hard…
      Bye, Jurgen.

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      Andrew Neudakhin

      (Real FIDO-net users never changes Subj!)

      Hello to all old-fashioned-hull-guys.

      Fist of all, I’d like to represent our local Russian web-shaking system (with russian context string ‘asimmetric icebreaker’):
      Maybe, you’ll find some new pics there.
      Then, about Lada… it belongs to Renault-Nissan now. So… Youth has gone.
      And — at last — on
      Wonderful! It makes ny day.

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