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      Sean Russell

      When I unfold my model I sometimes will get the transom in two pieces – port and starboard halves. This also happens with the the bottoms on flat-bottomed designs and I recently designed a pram where the aft transom was a single piece and the forward transom two pieces. I don’t know why this only happens some of the time. Is it the way the transom or bottom is formed? Is there some way to have the halves appear as one piece? This is much better if you are making a scale model. I can move the two halves together on the “unfold” screen but it’s an annoyance and they don’t always fit together perfectly (slightly off angle to each other).


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      Jürgen Sass

      Mirror the transom and the bottom first, than look in Unfold.
      It should now show up in one piece
      Good luck



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      Sean Russell

      Thanks for the reply. I’ve never used the mirror feature before. I click on the mirror icon and then get offered a list of the different layers with all the boxes checked. Do I uncheck the layers I don’t want mirrored? After that I got a another small window that offered different types of mirroring (horizontal, transverse, etc.). I’m very conversant with the program but have never used the mirror feature. Can you walk me through this? Many thanks.

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