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      A few questions regarding the tanks feature.

      1. Is there a video tutorial or document other than the manual that explains how to work with tanks, from modeling to load conditions?
      2. How do I make an external tank which has an offset from the hull and sides plate (eg. 50mm), picture attached?
      3. Am I correctly making an external tank by first making an integral tank and then selecting Convert?
      4. Why is it that the calculated Max FSM in Delftship is about twice the FSM I am getting by doing it by hand using density * i_t ? Being i_t = l*b^3/12 for a rectangular tank.


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      1. Sorry to say, no video tutorials (yet).
      2. Offsets are tricky, we are looking at a possible way to do this but currently the way to do this is to model the offset surface in a separate layer and model the tank to this
      3. yes. Do note that external tanks are normally quite complicated in shape ( at least, that is why external compartments were created) simple tanks can easily be modeled normally.
      4. Can it be that you have your tank set to ‘Center’ instead of port / starboard side? A ‘center’ tank will be mirrored doubling your FSM ( and volume etc)


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