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      I’m one of those who models with the bow to the left. For the most part, i have not seen adverse effects until i tried to model tanks in DS Pro(Demo).

      In DS Pro (Demo), when i add tanks, the tank start and end boundaries don’t conform to the world of my model. I always begin frame or station numberering from the FP, not the rudder or AP. But, the only way to get my tanks in is the way DSP currently expects.

      However, since i’m using the Demo i am wondering whether this is actually a demo of the tank modeling extension or whether this is actually built into the Pro version. Since the Demo is not permitted to save, export, or print, i have no way to first-hand find out how my created tanks will export.

      I for many months was unable to try any of this until last night when a light bulb lit in my head and i thought to try importing my own model as a part, since only the supplied model can be opened. I turned on the markers and found that the points on the markers indeed corresponded to bulkheads-stations points i entered in Free. I’m looking very forward to buying Pro.

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