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      I have converted an old excel file into a text file and imported it into Delft free as described in the manual. Sadly it looks nothing like the bow from which the coordiates were taken. I think the main reason for this is that the import windows appear to assume that it is a flat bottomed boat otherwise why does it insist on having a fixed number of rows for the import? As the bow closes towards the front it rises at an angle, consequently the number of coordinates required to describe the profile reduces, but the import does not appear to be able to cope with this reduction so it insert extra cooordinates to fill the unused rows. I am a first time user and I was wondering if there are any pearls of wisdom out there that can help me resolve this issue?

      Many thanks.

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      John Owles

      Sadly, no pearls of wisdom or otherwise. DS does not yet handle offsets at all well. I have tried a number of times but no joy yet. Very similar results to yours I think.
      So far, I have had to use a table of offsets to manipulate the points manually. It works this way but it would be nice if DS could do the job for me.

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