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      giorgio zuppin

      Hi there, finally Summer in this emisphere – a sober remainder for our friends DownUnder managing snowstorms –
      EuroCup, Tour de France in a while and margaritas on the beach, aah: what a man deserves.
      So to keep bottoms up I won’t bother you with problems, software bugs, etc.
      Instead some light “entertainement” if can I say.
      First, time ago I was involved in a very civilized web brawl about Norsemen’s Drakkars: with pleasure I can show you this.
      There’s more on the web about it Very interesting by a designer POW.
      Last, can I suggest this link.
      It’s a must for the ones of us who want to keep in touch with the real thing – check the white books –
      Merry Margaritas!

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