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      Alan Rockwood

      Can anyone explain subdivision surfaces for me? I understand that it involves modeling the surface by breaking it into smaller and smaller pieces, but what is the mathematical description of a subdivision surface? Preferably, explain it in plain language, maybe with a few well-explained formulas to illustrate key points.

      Also, can Delftship export a NURBS equivalent or near-equivalent to a subdivision surface?


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      See the PDF document below for a mathematical description of a subdivision surface similar to the one used by Delftship.
      As far as conversion from/to NURBS is concerned:

      • Uniform non-rational Bspline surfaces can be presented by subdivision surfaces exactly
      • Non-uniform or rational surfaces are approximated
      • Conversion to NURBS is also exact
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      Alan Rockwood

      Thank you for the pdf Marven. I will try to read it and understand it.

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      Thanks for the paper, I read it as well, but however im unsure of your previous statement. To clarify, are you saying that importing a NURBS surface into Delftship means that the surface would be approximated however exporting Delftship into NURBS would be exact?

      Thanks so much for any help.

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