Strange and unwanted lines on plate developments

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      John Owles

      I thought I would have a go at developing buoyancy tank bulkheads and thier tops using suitably placed stations, waterlines and buttocks. All well lining the points up with the intersection lines, which produced some nice accurate templates.

      However, I have come across a strange anomaly in the plate development tool.


      It can be seen that there is a net of lines in just two of the developments. If “Display Stations” is switched off the net disappears along with the station lines. It would be useful to export the developments with the intersection lines, to assist with alignment for the next CAD process. The strange thing is that, in this instance, it is only two developments that are effected.

      Still concerning plate developments, does anybody know what the angle of a development is related to? I ask this because I need to bring skewed items to horizontal in order to align them with other components of the boat. I have tried to straight the skewed plates by correcting the rotated angle but it doesn’t rotate logically. For example a rotation of 65 degrees could, logically, be corrected by using +/-25 degrees or minus 65 degrees. None of these options seem to have the desired result. Any ideas?

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      Most likely the ‘net’ you are seeing is caused by a station exactly at the location of the plate. When Delftship tries to project that line over the cut-out, it results in a surface of sorts… You can verify by removing that particular station from the intersections list and see if the mesh is still there…

      Regarding your second question- This angle is near random- Delftship dries many, many variations and picks the one that fits nicest. Depending on where you begin with the plate development, this angle may vary. You can adjust this afterwards, of course (the individual parts can be moved and rotated…)

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      John Owles

      OK, I get it now, all my bulkheads/Floors are exactly on a station and most longitudinals are exactly on a buttock line so that I can easily get a shape that follows the form of the hull. So, I can’t do anything about that, other than remove the ‘net’ bit by bit in CAD. I don’t fully understand the rotation thing but I do now see how to correct them.


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