Stations waterlines and bullocks keep resetting

DELFTship forum Hull modeling Stations waterlines and bullocks keep resetting

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      AvatarJoe Huntley

      Guys I am trying to set up the station, waterline, and Bullock lines on a 1/72 scale Yamoto (just shy 12 ft)

      I delete all the lines and give my new dimensions but after it does its thing everything is reset back to the original settings. is there some setting or something causing this?


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      AvatarGil Fleming

      Hi Joe,

      After you do that, you have to click on the red circle below the X box in the upper right corner of the box to add or delete station, waterlines etc. If you just click on the X and close the box, the stations etc. will revert to whatever was there originally. The red circle should show a pop up “Close this Dialog”. Click on that, then close the box and then click save and then re=open the box and enter you new stations etc. After you enter your new data, click on the red circle again and then close the box and save the data.

      Gil Fleming
      Gil Fleming Yacht Design Ltd.

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      AvatarJoe Huntley

      thanks Gil that seemed to fix it. dunno why cause I thought I had used the red circle and not the X to close it

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      Bullocks or buttocks B)

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      AvatarJoe Huntley

      lol whatever they called them funny other lines rofl

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