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      It would be nice to be able to set angle constraints for above the waterline and curvature constrains below the waterline.

      Say you’re creating the sideshell, and for some distance, the hul must not be wall-sided, but also must be limited to some number of degrees inboard or outboard. Currently, I zoom the screen and use a protractor to get “reasonably close”, but this is hardly a sound “best practices” means.

      I’d like to see a tool that allows me to define the sideshell angle and how to taper or refine its arrival to the bow and to the stern/transom from amidships. I’d also like to refine the bottom with constraints so that when i edit, i don’t exceed my own mentally desired limits. Sometimes i “over fair” the hull, get good to very desirable hydros, and then realize i have to re-fatten my hull. Maybe placing an image in the background would work, but it would still be by eye and hand rather than by geometry and fairing methods that could generate a smooth hull.

      One might ask why not use the Automatic Fairing. I tried it a few times, but I think it wants to do faring i don’t want it to do.

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