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      Hi All.  Newbie here.

      I want to start at a blank page and add points and draw the needed hull lines.  How is that done in this app?

      So far I cannot find the correct button.

      Any guidance is appreciated.  I have read the manual and steps for adding control points not doing it.

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      Hi Joe,

      To be honest, I had the same question when I started out using DELFTship. Then I realised we actually never, ever start from scratch. Normally we start out with one of the given templates (options depend on Free or Professional version) . That way you are invited to start by entering the main design dimensions, a good thing..

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      iosif gross

      Hi Joe

      What I am doing/have done is making first a basic one chine design in a CAD program and importing the xyz to Delft Ship.

      Second stage I am checking the model for leek points and stress on the panels.

      Then I am adding chines and going to make round shapes if necessary.

      Ones I have a model that I am happy with it I am generating and analyzing the reports. If everything as I want and I want a bigger or smaller boat just scaling it. You can scale up/down in xyz, or just one or 2 dimentions.

      Hope it helps

      Best wishes


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