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      Hello all.
      I’m totally new to Delftship: I downloaded it recently and started exploring it for a few days. I am working on version 10.20 (311).
      I practice another CAD program, Draftsight (from Dassault) as well as FreeCad.
      I looked for tutos and found one that I try to apply ( Only, my opinion, it is intended for learning an earlier version, and I “ream” a little.
      For the moment, I managed, by following this tutorial, to insert model images, to position them but not to put the project to scale. The window he explains does not seem to exist anymore but there is a “scale” button which, after selecting the layer, asks for the scale vector.
      But how to determine it to “stick” to the background model?
      I managed to match the front and back of the project with the image but not the bridge and keel lines.
      Incidentally, there are tutorials oriented towards the current version?
      Thank you for your help.

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      Salut Capucin1!

      I feel you’re a french speaker (like me! :cheer: ), but since we’re an international forum, we discuss in english.

      I ‘m still using an old version of Delftship, but it sounds the new version contains a few of bugs. On another hand, Marven (our webmaster and Delftship’s designer) didn’t post any message for more than one year ( :blink: ). Don’t worry, he’s still visiting the forum, but I assume he’s too busy to post anything. Maybe he’s working at the new version… 😉

      So I suggest you to find and download a previous version… thus, you’ll have the convenient tutorial.

      Note: On my *old* version, the SCALE operation uses the origine point (0,0,0) as center, so the scaled object will be moved if it is not centred on the origin point. A solution canbe to move the selction to the origin point, to scale it, then to move it back to its place.

      J’espère que cela t’aidera. B)

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      Thank you for that answer. I just downloaded a 9.3 (307) version (which I had a hard time stopping in version 10!). I will explore it in the next few days and keep you informed.

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