something more about new hullshapes. ( A add on on Xbows etc. )

DELFTship forum Hull modeling something more about new hullshapes. ( A add on on Xbows etc. )

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      giorgio zuppin

      It was calm and flat seas at the forum this week, so here’s my week end bonfire.
      Following my researches on new designs as I quoted in previous posts – noteworthy the suggestion I put in my answer to “Maersk Triple E”, about the new VLCC with no or minimal water ballast, that I reckon, it is only on paper at the moment – I ‘ve found a design. by Rolls Royce Group, for a commissioned ship.
      well as you can see

      It is indeed an intriguing blend of an Axle bow with a bulb.
      So I immediately try a sketch: it is not so easy as you can expect, transition from the bow to main section is a mess, moulding the bulb with a straight bow, either.
      Anyway I felt stimulating, so please take this effort as a start to develop your interpretation, I would be very pleased if somebody will consider it.
      Note that mine was not intended as a copy, even if the shipo IS interesting: able of RO-RO operations on small scale, see the stern ramp, unloading containers crane, And that puzzling fairing on the rudder, that is in someway connected to the variable pitch prop.
      Not to mention the hybrid LNG propulsion.
      Well the maritime designer Gremlin seems to have hit again.
      Have a nice weekend.

      P.S.: Thanks to the staff: the new upgrade has Lovely graphics and it seems in some way a bit faster – or too many beers ( biers) has affected my judgement? –

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      giorgio zuppin

      Hello everybody, here I am again.
      First of all I want to thank all the wiewers, hoping they have found some interest in the topic.
      I am still searching on the web some common sources of the so called ‘wave piercing’ various designs; what is not so clear, for example, is if the bow design is adopted for fuel-saving or for better seafaring or a combination of reasons plus a bit of novelty-like.
      Does’nt help the various types of ships involved: offshore service, merchant, SAR, OPV etc.
      Has a sort of rule of thumb emerged in these years for this choice?

      Just to spice-up the topic, here is maybe the most controversial wave-piercing design now under commissionig:

      It will deserve a discussion a part, considering they have also adpted the old thumblehome design (for sthealtiness reasons) just like the old beautiful Brooklin class cruisers of the Hispano-American War.
      Further question: I’m in trouble drawing bulbs, because I’m not perfectly aware of the physycs involved: could anyone suggest me some technical source to consult?
      Many thanks.

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