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      David Telles

      Ok. DS is a great program but there are some features i sorely miss.
      First a couple of easy ones.

      When in transform mode, why must we un-check each and every layer to, for example, lengthen a keel or a mast? I’m surprised there’s still no “solo” function for the layers and a “check all other layers” function. It’s the most basic of time savers in apps like photoshop and many others, and its absence in a program as well constructed as Delftship is surprising and disappointing.

      Also, a tape measure function that would display the straight-line distances between two points in space would come in very handy for assessing ergonomics of decks, cockpits etc.

      On my version of DSPro, the “constrain” function does not work as it would in other modeling applications. Perhaps my version is buggy, but if I straighten a line in one axis only, it still moves in another, rendering the function useless. I tried updating but there were no updates. I have DSPro 3.2

      I am unclear as to the Cp calculation method. I have several conventional hulls for which I have Cps of greater than 1 (1.95, 1.66)! So I’m not sure what’s going on. Here is an example of a boat that surely does not have a Cp>1. Closed hull with no leak points below the WL and no invisible layers are being calculated for.

      Not sure how big a hassle it would be , but the ability to automatically reduce for planking
      (PLanking is 3/4″ thick. Display the lines for that) would make DS incredibly useful for the small shop. I’ve built two small craft from my own DS plans and I had to loft both. This feature would be really nice. Multiple thickness would be even better

      Finally, i suspect surface trimming is difficult with this method of modeling (as opposed to nurbs modeling) but it sure would come in handy.

      Otherwise, Delftship is still an excellent program and a pleasure to use. I’m still saving up for the Hydrostatics module – maybe for Christmas!

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