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      HI everyone I would like to export my 3D delfthsip model into Solidworks in order to do :

      1 Create a friendly user 3d model

      2 Extract 2d drawings (sections) from the 3d SolidWorks model

      Is there a preferred standard procedure that is typically adopted to perform such design stage.

      More in detail is there a preferred format (from the export file format  options in DelftShip) that could simplify the work in SolidWorks.

      Many Thanks in advance


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      Hi Riccardo,

      Disclaimer: We do not work with, or support,  SolidWorks. That said- I would think IGES is the file format to try first.

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      Hi Maarten,

      Many thanks for the feedback .

      Basically, I am designing a canal boat and I have produced the 3d model and  lines plan using DelftShip.

      In order to continue the design stage, which free CAD  is often used to import Delftship files?


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      There are not that many free CAD programs around anymore as far as I know, so I fear I can not help you there.

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      iosif gross

      Hi Riccardose

      You can export the Lines Plan in .dxf to almost any CAD program, ready 2D drawings.

      Best wishes


      To Maarten

      This topic should be moved from Feature Request

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      Peter Edmonds


      I have  been moving down the DELFTship to Solidworks path for  some years. I am a Naval Architect, and started Solidworks to design a batch of 20 t embedment anchors. I then went on to design single point mooring buoys, in 2 sizes.

      I moved over to DELFTship because it offered the IGES output, acceptable to Solidworks. I wasn’t prepared to generate hull shapes within Solidworks – far too cumbersome. Much better to use a dedicated hull package.

      So far I have done the transition for 2 designs a 14 ft round bilge rowing/sailing boat (private), and a 15 m fast fishing chine form catamaran (commercial). Both are GRP vessels. I was able to lift hull shapes from pre-existing moulds in both cases. As it turns out, I did not have to generate the hull shape for construction in either case from the DELFTship/Solidworks combination. However, I did need to generate arrangement, structural and other drawings in Solidworks, to the levels required by the projects.

      The procedure:

      • Generate hull shape in DELFTship.
      • Save as IGES file.
      • Import IGES file into Solidworks.
      • Scale by factor  1000; numbers are m in DELFTship, mm in Solidworks.
      •  Rotate the IGES surface to get correct orientation –  bow to Solidworks right etc.
      • Copy elements of the IGES surface into Solidworks surfaces, and onwards to parts, bodies etc, for the hull shell. The IGES surface does not appear as such in the Solidworks model.
      • Populate the Solidworks model with decks, framing, and all the other stuff as required.
      • Set up drawing sheets and views as required for the  project.  Suppress/unsuppress parts and bodies as required  by the drawing and view. For instance, doors and stairways will appear in the arrangement drawings, but not in the structural drawings. From this stage it is just another Solidworks design project, with the DELFTship contribution just a memory.

      Essentially this worked in  context.  I was a single person designer, so I did not have to deal with shared access to a Solidworks model

      For years I had been using Autocad look-alike 2D  software, and 3 orthogonal 2d  views of the vessel, with selective layer switching for level and function.

      Peter  Edmonds

      Naval Architect

      Perth  WA

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      Peter Edmonds


      I would be very interested to hear how you are going with your canal boat design. I would have no hesitation in embarking on such a project with DS/SW if it were to come my way.

      One issue you will be addressing will be parts etc for the steel structure. Have you done anything like a canal boat  in Solidworks?

      For my mooring buoys I used 1 part = 1 welded panel of plating, and 1 part = group of stiffeners to go with the plating. These made up the fabrication  SW subassemblies.

      I will welcome your correspondence outside the Forum if you want to pursue this topic.

      Peter Edmonds

      Naval Architect

      Perth   WA

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      Hi Peter- Many thanks for the efficient feedback.

      I have no experience in modelling hull either with Delftship or Solidworks but I am moving forward very well.

      The Delftship model is finished and I have tried to follow your instruction but however I am not able to save the fbm file into an Igs format file .


      My Delftship version  12.20 (321)

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