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      Vincent Dumarski


      I’ve send 2 emails but I had no reply so I’m trying the forum.

      I would like to check if the software is suitable for small ship.
      By small ship I mean crafts smaller than kayaks as I’ve seen mentioned here.
      I’m referring to stand paddle racing board that would be as small as 12ft in length and propably around 5″ thick.
      I’m particularly interested in the hydrostatic side of the software but I want to make sure it can cope with relatively small “ships”.

      Thank you

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      Jesus Cruz

      In the download area there is a Model database and some of them are as small as you mentioned, you can check the free module with those models and check if it fits your “needs”, I normally work with bigger ships, and the software really fits my requirements.

      So bottom line check the model database you may find your answer there.

      Hope this helps

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