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      giorgio zuppin

      All hands on deck!
      Man over – drawing – board!
      Ha, ha… fact is : I’m finally on big game, decided to draw my vision of a J Class.
      Since I consider it ( and it is indeed ), the epitome of sailing hull’s design ( Russel Coutts please QUIT ), the task was indeed highly dangerous.
      Fail could be a moral suicide!
      Made a first sketch on some hull lines taken by THE BOOK, a collection of J Classes design trough the golden decades:

      As you can see, there’s a lot to do, stern flowing connection lines to midship, midkeel refinements, keel to bow transition:
      Everything to be carefully tuned and/or rearranged, it will take a lifetime!
      So my call to All (Delft) Ships is:
      Is there anybody that has tried the same task yet?
      If yes, could she/he share tips and opinions on best way to shorten the job And give some useful information?
      A big thank in advance to anyone who will answer…

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