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      As I noted earlier in one of my posts, the new ribbon version of the program, which though looking good, generates large number of unnecessary mouse clicks and movement between the FILE-HOME-TOOLS-CALCULATE ribbons.

      I think it is possible to live with this, considering that the program is free, for some basic number crunching. What I would really like to see, is the macro tools which would allow assigning several mouse clicks and/or keystrokes to a single macro. For example, very often I have to do repetitive iteration calculations for displacement, scaling, rotations, smoothing etc. It would be wonderful to be able to assign a single macro for a number of actions on the screen.

      Another useful thing, I would think, would be able to assign certain shortcut keys of the keyboard to be able triggering on and off some display features and view. I love CTRL-1/2/3/4 and CTRL-W/F/G/D/E to trigger views. So far I was not able to test if there is CTRL-W/B/S/I (waterlines, buttocks, stations, intersections).

      Of course, it would require some coding effort, but the benefit would translate into more friendly usability by seasoned operators who care less for pretty icons.

      Just my opinion, cheers!

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