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      Ed Bardet

      1-I have started a new plan, loaded a background image, and would like to set the scale of my drawing. I tried set scale but it only seems to allow one coordinate change. What I would like to do is click on the aft perpendicular and set it then click on the front perp and set it. In other words I’d like to stretch it without loosing the aspect ratio. What am I missing?

      2-Is there a way to change the orientation of the stations generated by Delft. I’d like the origin to be at the front so I don’t have to reverse my background image and loose legibility.

      Newbee Ed

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      1. The scale is measuured from the origin, so you’ll only need to enter the coordinate of one known point with respect to the origin. The image is scaled in both directions with the same scale so you the aspect ratio is never altered.

      2. No.

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      Ed Bardet

      Thank You!!
      Good site! I worked with this (and FreeCad) a couple of years ago in relation to getting a ship into Cinema 4D (Graphics Package). Now I have a different project and am interfacing with either TurboCad 15 or Alibre.
      Thanks again.

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