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      Terrance Egolf

      I need some assistance. Current program build is 13.10 (325).

      Five years ago, when I first started working with DELFTship, manipulating control points and other editing worked smoothly, even in the Highest Precision settings. That was true until sometime last year, when moving control points either manually or incrementally would take a second or longer in the Low setting, and as much as up to several minutes in the Highest setting.

      Recently, with the installation of the latest version (13.10) two weeks ago, performance returned to what I experienced in the beginning. However, with the 324 update, things are back to being really laggy.

      I have a self-built quad-core gaming PC with 32 Gb system RAM and an AMD Radeon video card with 4 Mb of RAM on the card. I haven’t changed any of my system settings for years, and no other program is affected, so I have to assume that the DELFTship program lagging is due to changes in the software.

      My editing work with the program right now is about 10-20% production and 80-90% waiting. I am working on a major project involving revising every frame in the vessel. The lags are very frustrating.

      Any suggestions as to a solution would be very much appreciated.



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      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for reporting this- we will look into what might be causing this lag. If we can’t reproduce it here we may contact you for some additional information.

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