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      Sometimes in my models I end up with points from 2 separate parts/layers at the same location. Possibly this is not good practice but I can’t see another way to have 3 surfaces join at one edge.

      Anyway, it would be good to be able to cycle through all the points at a particular location and have some feedback about which layer the selected point is on so I know I have the right one.

      Maybe something like holding ALT and clicking the point repeatedly to cycle through the layers?

      Many thanks, Mike.

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      Terrance Egolf


      I can’t respond for DELFTship, but from my experience, dealing with this problem comes down to good layer management. Assuming you have used the Copy function to align points on different layers at the exact same x-, y-, z-coordinate, it is key that those points remain on different layers or you will never be able to separate them without moving one out of the way to see which object/layer it belongs to. Believe me, I have had too much experience dealing with that.

      It is fairly easy to simply turn off the layers associated with that point in space to isolate the control point of interest. If you have more than one object in the same layer sharing a point, then they probably should be joined along common edges as well, if applicable, so the point is truly common to the two objects.

      Hope this helps.


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      Hi Terry, yes they’re made coincident using copy.

      I have been turning off layers when that’s possible but sometimes I need to compare the layer I’m moving with the one I’ve just turned off. And THB having to select and deselect layers this way just adds more time to the process, which I would like to streamline if possible.

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